Saturday, March 31, 2012

1.What would you consider your trend to be on stardoll?
Well i think i have a way of really fixing my medoll to not be the same. I think its really important to be creative and different. I make an effort to change my styles as much as possible.
Do you have a trend on stardoll? Explain pleaseI have an ever changing trend. But i guess if i had to choose my favorite look a vintage punk!

2. What is your favorite accessory?Leather JacketHow would you describe you style on stardoll?Depending on my mood. I could be a vintage cutie one moment, and the next a hipster.

3. Does the way you dress in real life affect the way you dress on stardoll?Actually i'd say it was the other way around. On Stardoll i have more to work with, obviously i dont own the same amount of clothes that i do on stardoll. But once i get clothes on stardoll and put them on my medoll it totally influences what i would buy at the mall in real life. Its not always going to be perfect but it's never going to be. When i go to the mall i am going to see an item that might look similar to something i wore on stardoll and say hey i bet that would look good on me!