Saturday, March 31, 2012

1.What would you consider your trend to be on stardoll?
Well i think i have a way of really fixing my medoll to not be the same. I think its really important to be creative and different. I make an effort to change my styles as much as possible.
Do you have a trend on stardoll? Explain pleaseI have an ever changing trend. But i guess if i had to choose my favorite look a vintage punk!

2. What is your favorite accessory?Leather JacketHow would you describe you style on stardoll?Depending on my mood. I could be a vintage cutie one moment, and the next a hipster.

3. Does the way you dress in real life affect the way you dress on stardoll?Actually i'd say it was the other way around. On Stardoll i have more to work with, obviously i dont own the same amount of clothes that i do on stardoll. But once i get clothes on stardoll and put them on my medoll it totally influences what i would buy at the mall in real life. Its not always going to be perfect but it's never going to be. When i go to the mall i am going to see an item that might look similar to something i wore on stardoll and say hey i bet that would look good on me!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


She's Charlotte. But you can call her either; Charley'kay, Charley, Charleigh, or you can even make one up for me! I come from the UK, which is pretty awesome. But she's quite bummed it hasn't snowed yet-.-
She has long, naturally curly, ~gorgeous~ blonde hair, which matches my bright, big, ~beautiful~, blue eyes.
She loves all my Stardoll friends, They are all amazing! She doesn't know what Ishe'd do without them, here are a few; Amy'Jay, Evlo, Bobster, Amiee, Kelci, Ash, Shannon, Reece, Emma, Emma, Retro, Maivi.
SLY all.

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We conducted an interview with her:

1. What would you consider your trend to be on Stardoll?
I wouldn't say I have a particular trend on Stardoll. I have a diffrent theme everyday. Like I say, my style varies, today I felt like a casual look which is my Bonjour Bisou baggy jumper, Hotbuys Ugg boots, and Miss Sixty coat. Tomorrow I might feel glamourous and go for a glitzy gown. I don't know, you'll just have to keep checking and see what other themes I wear(:
2. Do you have a trend on Stardoll? Explain please
Like I said above^, I don't have a particular trend on Stardoll. I have a diffrent theme of style everyday. But I'd like to think that other dolls take inspiration from my style and doll and look to me for style. That would be great!
3.What is your favourite accessory?
A bag! Defenately. I love a handbag, a over-the-shoulder bag, all sorts! On Stardoll, and off! Its my love, I have a huge collection of bags, and it hopefully will stay that way:D
4.How would you desyour style on Stardoll?
Well how would I describe my style on Stardoll? I don't know... Unique, Casual, Glam, Boho, Trendy, Diffrent? Any of them would describe my doll on Stardoll. I also like to make my makeup match my outift, like if I have a casual outfit then I need a plain and casual makeup look. And if I'm wearing something bright and glam then I would go with funky and retro makeup. ;]
5. Does the way you dress in real life affect the way you dress on Stardoll?
Nope! Not at all really. Basically on Stardoll I wear what I wouldn't wear in real life, and what I wear in real life is stuff that I wouldn't wear on Stardoll. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing jeans, jumpers, and Ugg boots in real life, but what I'm saying is the unique stuff I wouldn't wear in real life, as in real life I go casual not glam and glitz, and bright, and funky. Only on nights out, ehehe!:P


♥ Status ♥
My family is Everything to Me, Not Just My Stardoll Family, But My Real Family. I’m Super Close with My Mom and Dad; I Have a Brother That Is Younger than Me. And My Kids Cassie, Cameron (Twin Girls) & Christian (Stardoll Kids)

♥ About me ♥
Hey Doll :) Thanks for Stopping by... I love you dolls! :) I’m Leah, You Can Call Me Lali or La La. I’m 21 years old from North Carolina xD I’m Happily Married ♥ I Love To Shop, Write Music And Design Clothes. I love fashion I’m Going to Become a Fashion Designer When I Graduate College. I Can't Live Without Music, It's My Life! :) I love to be Around Positive People and Creative People As well. I Paint, Also I Kind of Play Guitar But Not Too Well... (; I’m Mix with Tons of Things, But Mainly White and Black among Other Race:]

♥My Amazing Real Friends on Stardoll♥
Jayye, Lily, Talisa….So Many More
Friends Come and Go the Real Ones Have Your Back
I Love My Real True Amazing Fabulous Friends
(Sorry If I Forgot You) ♥

♥Other Favorite Artist♥
Kelly Rowland, Wale, T.I., Melanie Fiona, Beyoncé, Adele, Katy Perry, Lloyd Banks, Miguel, Tank,
Keke Palmer, T-Pain, Mindless Behavior, J Cole, Jay-z, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Kanye West
♥Wish List♥
(Young Hollywood) -Katy Blue Velvet Shoes
(Willing To Pay 200sd)
(Young Hollywood) -Katy Golden Heel Shoes
(Willing To Pay 150sd)
(Young Hollywood) -Blake Ruched Shorts
(Willing To Pay 100sd)
(Young Hollywood) – Freida at the Met Ball Dress
(Willing To Pay 250sd)

♥Achievements ♥
- NCG (four times)
- 1st Place on the Catwalk
-2nd place Covergirl
-5th Place Covergirl

♥ Contacting Me on Stardoll ♥
If I Don't Reply On Chat, Please Don't Be Mad or Take It Personally, I Might Be Busy or I Just Don’t Want to Chat With You. I Always Reply To My Guest Book Comments So Feel Free To Leave One. The Only Time That I May Not Reply Is When I’m Running For NCG or CG and There Are Too Many. If I go Offline Suddenly Then Don't Get Mad Either, I Had to Quickly Leave for Some Reason, Not That I Don’t Want to Talk to You! ♥

♥ Presentations and Makeovers ♥
Please Don’t Tell Me You Want TO Give Me A Makeover Or Re-do My Presentation, I Know That You Really Want My Password. Or Steal My Things Thank you!

♥ Gifts ♥
Please don't ask me to send you a gift, I Only Send Them to Friends or People Who Are Cool! D:

♥ Stalking me? :O ♥
I'm not giving out any personal details to strangers and I cannot give my pictures and I Don’t Have a Facebook So Stop Asking Me. I Believe A Lot Of You Dolls Are Bi-Polar, If You Don’t Like Me Then Don’t Talk To Me.

♥ School ♥
I’m Always Busy With School, I’m In College One More Semester Then I’m Done, Which Mean I Have Tons Of Homework Daily, But Sometimes I Find Myself Distracted And Come On Stardolll, Knowing I Have Tons Of Homework To Do

♥ Covergirl ♥
I Would Appreciate If You Guys Can Take A Few Second and Vote Me Covergirl, Also If You See Me On the Catwalk Please Vote For Me. Thanks for Taking the Time to Visit My Page

Here's our interview with her: 

1.What would you consider your trend to be on stardoll?
My Trend On Stardoll Are a Good Blazer. Blazers Are In This Season. Hats And Cute Head Bands.  My Trend On Stardoll Is Fashion Forward & Chill 
2.What is your favorite accessory?
My Favorite Accessories Are Big Rings & Clutches 
3.How would you describe you style on stardoll?e
-My Style On Stardoll Vary From Day To Day, I Never Want To Stay One Style On Stardoll. Your Free Do To Anything On Here, So I Take As many Risk As Possible
4. Does the way you dress in real life affect the way you dress on stardoll?
-Yes It Does, Just Like I Take Risk On Here, I Try To Incorporate My Stardoll Life To My Real Life. But The Only Different is In Real Life You Can Only Go So Far Before You Start To Look Crazy. So Stardoll Helps Me To Step Out The Box A little more In My Daily Life. I Get Inspire Sometimes As Well From Stardoll.